Hello readers….

You made it clear to us that you disliked the forum format for Shotgun Report, and preferred the old format. So we’ve decided to redesign SR again, this time to a blog format, and hope that it will be to your liking.

It should be simpler to find things and have a cleaner look, and still have some interactivity that we feel is important.

Roland Leong

Managing Editor


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5 Responses to Hello readers….

  1. chuck devinne says:

    I like the new format…..
    One small difference of opinion= “the best way to necessitate repair, is to spray the K-80 receiver internals with gun scrubber”….. “..use kerosene or Rem oil to clean..”Herb Stratemeyer


  2. Glenn says:

    I agree with Stephen. Too much good stuff to be ‘lost’. It was a source for excellent, solid info to balance out the rants and drivel on the usual forums. They have their place but it is like panning for gold.


  3. Stephen says:

    I like this format better, but it will better, if you include the old and very old entries Q/A that Bruce have before.
    That was a lot good information.


  4. Billy Young says:

    I like the old site. Billy young


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