Target Cases, Hunting Loads


Settle an discussion (argument ?) for me. It’s my contention that AA and STS hulls (in good condition of course) are perfectly suited for hunting loads, even certain magnum loads. Others are telling me that they are only to be used for target loads. At the risk of sounding obstinate, tell them that I am right (hehehe…).


Dear Jim,

Do a little dance of victory on the bowed and submissive heads of those who cravenly doubted your supreme wisdom. You are right. They are wrong.

The popular Winchester AA compression formed plastic cases and the Remington RTL (Premier) plastic cases have a number of 1-3/8 oz and 1-1/2 oz loads listed for them in Lyman’s “Shotshell Reloading Handbook”, 4th edition. The new STS hulls are not listed as the book was printed prior to their introduction, but I will bet you a grand Technoidal luncheon of Twinkies and Jolt Cola that they can handle the same weight loads. (OK, OK, I cheated and check out and found the recipes).

You can always get reloading manuals on line from the powder manufacturer’s sites. Frankly, I was surprised at just how fast you could push 1-1/2 oz of shot loaded into a 2-3/4″ hull. Some of the recipes give 1260 to 1280 fps.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
The Technoid writing for Shotgun Report, LLC

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