IGA Gun Prices And Fjestad

Dear Bruce,

What can you tell me about an IGA Upland 410 side by side with double triggers made in Brazil. A friend wants to sell one in excellent condition. I thought it would be a fun dove gun that would also be a good first shotgun for my son in a few years. The Shooters Bible says the retail value is $265 but I have no idea about the quality of IGA. I can’t seem to find anything in the library about that company or their products.

Thank You Dave

Dear Dave,

IGA guns are currently imported by Stoeger Industries in Wayne, NJ. The IGA line is made in Veranopolis, Brazil. They make basic SxS’ and O/Us and are generally very modestly priced, ranging between $400 and $700 for their most “deluxe” model. There 20″ SxS “coach” gun is a favorite bedroom gun. The double trigger “uplander” 410 model lists for $434 new. A youth-size (shorter stock and 24″ bbls) double trigger 410 lists for $12 more. In 100% used condition expect to pay $100 less.

A .410 double trigger SxS is a tough way to start out a lad or anyone else. You have to be the judge of whether his enthusiasm could overcome the inherent difficulty of a tiny gauge and tough configuration. Remember, young shooters need plenty of success in hitting the targets to keep their confidence up. True, lots of people have successfully started with 410s, but I sure would be happier starting someone with a 28 gauge O/U (not a 20 O/U as they often have too much recoil) or a 28 or 20 semi-auto if they can handle the weight. IGA makes a 28 gauge SxS “Uplander”, just as they do the 410. Still, you are the best judge of your son’s ability.

By the way, as a general note to our readers, when I am asked the price or value or importer of a gun, I simply turn to my copy of Fjestad’s “Blue Book of Gun Values” and plagiarize freely. I find it far more informative and reliable than the Shooters Bible. You don’t think that I actually remember all that stuff do you? Fjestad has already done all the work. I strongly recommend that every reader who is interested in gun prices get a copy of this book instead of asking me. First of all, you will learn a lot as you wander through the pages. Secondly, you will save me a bit of time and will probably get a more accurate answer as I am a bit dyslexic and often screw the numbers up (depending on whether I am buying or selling a gun, of course).

Best regards,

Bruce Buck

The Technoid writing for Shotgun Report, LLC

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