Triggers won’t reset for second shot on .410 bore

I have a 2 year old Browning Citori 525 .410 bore. I use the gun mainly for skeet. Lately the triggers won’t reset for the second shot. This is an actual .410 shotgun, not a Briley or Kolar tubed 12/20 gauge. I shoot mainly reloads AA with 13 gr. Alliant 410 powder and 1/2 oz lead shot, about .5 gr over suggested, so low recoil should not be a factor. I was having a problem earlier this year with light loads so I modified my load plus switched to Alliant powder. Last round I had to load one shell for each single and missed 3 of 4 second shots at doubles. It has been mentioned by a few shooters at my club that the hammers are probably dirty or that there is some ‘heavy’ grease in the receiver that could cause this problem. Would a good cleaning, and changing to a grease/oil that isn’t susceptible to cold, be a possible cure? Or could someone suggest any alternative procedures that could solve this problem?

Thanks, Jim.

I think a good place to start would be to pull the stock off and clean the trigger group. The current trend is to use something like Rem Oil, sprayed liberally to both clean/degrease the trigger group. Let it drip dry on a rag or paper towel or better yet blow with compressed air and reassemble. No further lubrication is necessary or required. This should do the trick. Do not use something like WD40 which will gum up and make things worse. In fact, I’d just stick with Rem Oil. I’m sure that there are other equivalents, but I can’t think of any offhand.

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