Orvis Sandanona-No Name

I’m calling it No Name because it is a fairly new station between Pick A Pair and Driven To Distraction that has a sign on the cage, but I think it is a remnant from an old station.

A report pair with the first bird a right to left bird that looks like it is more of a crosser than a quartering bird. In any event it looks pretty far out there. No one is certain if the bird is smaller than a 110, so it looks farther away or it is a 110 and IS farther away. It looks way out there and above the tree tops. It emerges from behind the spruce on the right and into the sky above the treeline. Stay under it and follow through.

The report bird comes out of a trap a few feet to the right of the station and quarters from right to left in front of the station and up about 30-45 degrees. Not a difficult shot, but may flummox one coming off the first bird.

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