Kolar or Briley

Dear Dr. Gauss,

I’m plan to purchase tubes (3 gauge set) for a Beretta 687. Kolar or Briley? I’m having a difficulty getting the facts of the differences. Second, will I need a spring “job” for the .410 trigger ($65) or a new mechanical trigger ($150)? Kolar and Briley differ in their opinions. Thanks.

K. Boeve

Dear Kurt:

I am forwarding your message to The Technoid, Bruce Buck, since he is THE expert in the subject area of your questions.

Happy shooting,

Warren Johnson

Dear Kurt, (cc: to Dr. Gauss)

Well, I’m pleased that Warren has such faith in me. Dunno if I merit it. My experience with tube set makes has only been with half a dozen tube sets over the years. That really isn’t as many as some dealers have run through their stores. On the other hand, I actually shot the things, so that counts for something.

The standard weight Kolar tubes I bought a number of years ago were poorly made. I think that it was at the time Kolar was just changing shops, so that might explain it. I know many competition shooters with Kolar tubes and they all seem pleased.

However, I know many more shooters with Briley tubes and they seem very satisfied. The few Briley sets I have had have all been of first quality. I prefer the Briley choke system to that of the Kolar, especially when I want to use a tubed gun for sporting clays were choke changing occurs more often. I also found that the Briley Ultra Light Matched weight sets were a bit lighter than the Kolars of a few years ago.

The only thing that I didn’t like about my last Briley set was the case they sold me to go with it. The stainless case had a square cross section and was weak. It split at the welded seams. They did offer to replace it at no charge. I don’t believe that Briley carries that case any longer.

As to the trigger conversion, personally I always prefer a pure mechanical trigger. I feel that it is more reliable in a wider variety of situations. That said, I’d go with which ever trigger conversion the maker of your tubes recommends. That way you only have one person to deal with if something doesn’t work.

My experience on repairs and guarantees with Briley has been 100% perfect. The are extremely good at their customer relations. Their tubes carry a lifetime guarantee. I have no experience, nor do I have any information, on the repair work and guarantees of Kolar. I think that I would have heard if they weren’t good though.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
The Technoid writing for Shotgun Report, LLC

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1 Response to Kolar or Briley

  1. robert says:

    I have owned both Briley and Kolar tubes on separate Beretta 682 skeet shotguns. In both guns the tubes were the standard weight version and came in 20, 28 and 410 sub gauges. Cost is pretty similar, construction is very good for each and turn around time was about the same for each order. The Briley tube sets are easier to change chokes than the Kolars and Briley even offers extended chokes. The Briley system allows for ordering new chokes without having to have a new choke fit like Kolar because the choke on the Kolar is part of the system fit. While easier to change they also are much easier to become stuck because of residue buildup on the threads. I used lubricant on my threads and still had the problem. Only after making sure to clean and grease them after each time shooting did the problem seem to clear up. The Kolar tubes produced the best patterns in the 410 gauge. The other two gauges were very similar. Kolar did install mechanical triggers on both guns to replace the original inertia trigger and they have been very reliable with no creep and a crisp,pull. The trigger does require it to be released after the first shot in order for the second barrel to work. If having quick interchangeable chokes is necessary then Briley tubes are probably the way to go. If, however, you are like me and just use them for skeet then either set will be great performers.


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