Parker Restoration And Rebarreling

Dear Sir:

I met and used a gunfitter based on the advise of an article contained in shotgunreport. Although I have not received the gun from the stock bender the experience was a good one.

I am seeking another gun industry contact for a solution to the following problem: My wife has a beautiful old Parker VM that belonged to her grandmother. The gun feels and shoots great and fits me quite well. It is light and nimble. The problem is the barrels. they have been shot so much that walls are thin and subject to denting. it is easy to have the dents removed but I am concerned that this gun would not pass a proof test. Please recommend two or three people or companies that can make replacement barrels for this gun. it would be helpful if you included a competent gunsmith as the locks may need to be maintained.

My wife is very comfortable with this gun and I would invest in replacement barrels rather than buying a new gun of equal quality.

Thank you in advance for your kind efforts on our behalf.

Respectfully submitted,


Dear Joe,

THE Parker gunsmith is Larry DelGrego & Son, Ilion, NY 13357, tel: 315-894-8754. DelGrego, Sr. did a lot of Parker factory work when Remington owned them. As I haven’t seen your gun, I don’ t know whether the barrels can be repaired or replaced. I also don’t know what the collector’s value situation is with your gun. If your gun does have collector value, the DelGrego imprimatur is almost the same as factory work.

If you just want a set of new, high grade barrels, I have seen good sleeving and restoration work done by Briley Manufacturing, 1230 Lumpkin, Houston, TX 77043, tel: 800-331-5718, <>. An acquaintance had his LC Smith redone by Briley and the work was very nice indeed. The work involved some interior work on the locks. I had never thought of Briley for restorations, but they did a nice job.

Still, if its a Parker, I’d call DelGrego first and see what they say.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
The Technoid writing for Shotgun Report, LLC

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