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Link to October 2012 RELOAD!

October 2012 RELOAD! Published by Connecticut Travelers Sporting Clays Association Advertisements

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Big Shells Vs Little Shells, Yet Again

Dear Mr. Technoid, First off I love all your material, just love it. I have a question about the 7/8 oz. load in the 12gauge. I know you love the 1 1/8 and talk some about its advantages over the … Continue reading

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Gas Gun Maintenance

Dear Master of Lead Scatter: I have a 12 gauge Beretta A390 ST Sporting Clays shotgun that I purchased in 1995. I’ve pumped about 38,000 rounds of Winchester AAs through it with no trouble except for a loose trigger pin. … Continue reading

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Shooting An Auto Wet

Dear Bruce, I was offering my technical assistance to a friend in the purchase of a new Beretta 391 Urika in 20 gauge this weekend. (She became a bit glassy eyed as I waxed poetic about the virtues of a … Continue reading

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Beretta 390 Vs Beretta 391

Dear Technoid, Have followed your columns for several years now and admire your writings. I share your preference for Beretta autos for sporting and have owned five 390’s over the last few years. Each successive gun allowed me to ‘tweak … Continue reading

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Changes At Mid-Hudson Sporting Clays

Reports from recent outings at Mid-Hudson Sporting Clays have detailed significant changes to the venue. There are more trap machines in the open fields opposite the parking lot and in the sporting clays fields. These reportedly have come from Richie … Continue reading

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Zen And The Art Of Gas Gun Maintenance, Volume III

Dear All Knowing Technoid; You no doubt have already answered this question, I can’t think of anything you have not addressed at one time or the other, from how tight pants should fit to what purpose the little doohickey on … Continue reading

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