Zen And The Art Of Gas Gun Maintenance, Volume III

Dear All Knowing Technoid;

You no doubt have already answered this question, I can’t think of anything you have not addressed at one time or the other, from how tight pants should fit to what purpose the little doohickey on the sleeve of the old !!00s has to do with function.

But I am too lazy to look it up. So here goes. Do you recommend Break-Free CLP for Browning Golds? Do you shoot them wet?

I have used Break-Free since the 1970s on everything, I love it for even chores you do not. When I say everything, that is what I mean, doors, tools, and even my guns. So what does the Great One say?



Dear Neil,

Chisel the following on to a large stone tablet and carry it with you at all times:

Prime Directive- if your gas gun currently works reliably, don’t listen to me. Keep doing what you are doing.

Secondary Directive- If you surgically clean your gas gun every 100 rounds, it doesn’t much matter what you clean it with.

Defcon One- if your gas starts to slow down, slobber it up with BreakFree CLP and see what happens.

BreakFree CLP is never going to hurt anything. It may help if the problem is carbon build up. It has nothing to do with lubrication. It has everything to do with powder solvents. CLP simply keeps its solvents liquid for a longer period of time and this keeps the carbon in solution longer. Carbon in solution looks awful, but it won’t stop your gun. Hardened carbon will. CLP works on the M-16. It works on gas operated shotguns too.

I’ve never owned a Browning Gold, though I have experience with them. I have owned a whole bunch of Beretta and Remington gas guns. I think that they work better with BreakFree CLP on the magazine tube/guide rod and pistons. The particularly applies to the Remingtons. I have found the guns easier to clean after being shot wet.

Don’t take my word for it. Shoot your gun dry for 1000 rounds and clean it. Then shoot it wet with CLP for 1000 rounds and clean it. Compare. Was one easier than the other? Did the gun work better one way than the other? Did you notice a difference in recoil? (yup, that’s what I said) Did the gun shoot light loads better when wet?

That’s it. No more state secrets today. Got to get back to work at Los Alamos.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
The Technoid writing for Shotgun Report, LLC
(Often in error. Never in doubt.)

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