Changes At Mid-Hudson Sporting Clays

Reports from recent outings at Mid-Hudson Sporting Clays have detailed significant changes to the venue.

There are more trap machines in the open fields opposite the parking lot and in the sporting clays fields. These reportedly have come from Richie Frisella, Jr. Not all machines are fully operational at this time. Some of the old sporting stations have been either closed for maintenance or are being re-configured, and new ones have been opened in their place. A new Station 17 is in an elevated platform just as one enters the parking lot area. There remains a total of 17 stations for sporting. Areas around stations 9, 10, 11 have had some underbrush cleared out and paths created. A few trees have been taken down, one left on its side at a new Station 7 with a target is thrown along its length.

Targets thrown for stations 11, 12, 13, can be readily seen from the stands of a couple of other stations.

The current theme can best be described as “High and Low” or “Low and High”. Simply put, most stations have one high target and one low target, either on report or simo.

It appears these changes have come about in part from the recent presence of Richie Frisella, Jr. and the increasing presence of co-owner Richard Lanzilotta

Mid-Hudson will now be open two extra days, Mondays and Tuesdays, but shooters must first call Richie Frisella, Jr. at (224) 456-3397.

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