Blaser F3 Supersport

Comment: Hi Bruce,

First, let me say that I really enjoy reading your posts, and have followed them for years.

Yesterday, I splurged on a new gun: Blaser F3 Supersport.  I spent more than I care to admit (I hope when I die, my wife doesn’t sell it for what she thinks I paid for it).

Anyway, I was hoping you could give me your opinion on Blaser F3 quality.  Any issues or concerns that I should be aware of???



Dear Rob,

You are supposed to ask me about a gun BEFORE you buy it, not AFTER! But don’t worry. The Blaser F3 is an excellent gun. John Bidwell was instrumental in setting up its sporting characteristics and he is one of the best British shooters.

When the gun was first introduced, Bernard Knobel, Blaser CEO, had a bunch of us writers out to it’s introduction in the US where we got to shoot the earliest examples. Later I was able to visit the Blaser factory and watch them being made. The gun is definitely good quality. The rifle-like design of the strikers is rare in O/Us and contributes to the gun’s excellent triggers. The action is modern and unlike other O/Us.

The gun has a particular feel and handling quality which appeals to many shooters and not to others. That’s the way it is with every gun made. If the F3 feels right to you, you can rest assured that it will remain functional as long as you choose to shoot it.

As to issues that you should be aware of, I don’t know of any in particular. I have half a dozen friends who have them and no one has reported any problems. The service is also excellent.
Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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