Extended Chokes Vs Flush Chokes

Dear Technoid,

Do diffuser tubes really work?

How much more do they open the pattern than skeet chokes?

What are the advantages of extended tubes over flush tubes?

Thank you for your time. I know I will be back to this website.


Erie PA

Dear Tim,

I tested the Briley Diffuser chokes when they first came out. I found that they didn’t seem to open the pattern any more than a standard cylinder bore choke did. When I reported this back to Briley, they found it hard to believe and said others had reported much larger patterns. Since that time there have been a lot of tests which have shown that the Diffusers do not open the pattern. In fact, with many shell combinations, the Diffusers give Skeet choke performance. Still, they are very popular. Some clays shooters say that they use the Diffusers as their general purpose all-distance choke! I like shooting the Diffusers and sometimes they seem to hit the birds a little harder than my cylinder bore. It could be something with the shotstring- which I have no convenient way of measuring. It’s one of those things I just don’t have an answer for.

Flush chokes vs Extended chokes?

The Extended chokes:

1) weigh more and add muzzle weight

2) can be finger-tightened

3) are usually marked clearly as to designation

4) IN THEORY, they allow longer tapers and parallels, an advantage in the tighter chokes

5) look really cool to those easily attracted by bright colors

The Flush chokes:

1) weigh less and reduce muzzle weight

2) require a wrench, which means that they don’t shoot loose

3) IN THEORY, work better with more open chokes due to their shorter tapers and parallels

4) don’t attract the eye while mounting the gun as many brightly colored extended chokes do

5) don’t let your competitors see what choke you are using.

6) are generally cheaper than extended chokes and usually come with the gun

I have never found the slightest pattern difference between an extended choke and a flush choke from the same maker when they both are the same constriction.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
The Technoid writing for Shotgun Report, LLC
(Often in error. Never in doubt.)

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2 Responses to Extended Chokes Vs Flush Chokes

  1. Brl says:

    I have a side by side. Can I shoot an extended choke in one barrel and a flush choke in the other barrel?


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