Hi Bruce!

My answer to the question about which choke to use with a single barrel on a gas gun is to use a Poly-Choke! I have one on an extra Beretta trap barrel I had lying around. An adjustable choke has lots of advantages:

1) It’s UGLY. People say “What’s that?” or “Is that a Poly-Choke? My father had one on his duck gun.” This distracts other shooters with expensive gun hardware and puts them off balance. Their subconscious mind keeps asking “What does that fool think he is trying to prove!?” and can’t concentrate on the targets.

2) It actually works! The patterns are good and reproducible.

3) It adds a bit of weight at the end of the barrel, and doesn’t make too big a blob in your sight picture. In this respect it is better than a Cutts Compensator.

4) Changing chokes is trivial, no choke kit to lose or drop, no special choke grease, no choke wrench, no nervous habit of checking whether the choke is getting loose.


Dear Brian,

You and I may be the only two Poly-Choke fans out there. In the early 1990s I had some pretty good luck in sporting clays competition with a Remington 1100 with a plain barrel adorned with a Poly-Choke. I just loved it. The blob on the end kept me from aiming (both a good and a bad thing), while choke adjustment was only a twist of the wrist away.

The patterns from the Poly-Choke were good too. I could go from a true cylinder bore to a tight Modified. You do have to do some experimenting to find out what point on the dial gives you what pattern, but that’s not too onerous for a true Junior Technoid.

You know, I may just try one again only this time on the more reliable Beretta auto. That Poly-Choked 1100 was much used ate itself alive at the top of Okemo Mountain during that big SCA shoot. Two chairlift rides and a looong way back to the parking lot for spare parts. I bought the Beretta 303s shortly thereafter. They break too, but not nearly as much.

You are definitely right about the “fear factor” of the Poly-Choke. Most people won’t look at it straight on and are afraid to touch it. It makes small children cry.

There is new version called the Poly Choke II. It replaces your screw in choke and like the original, is adjustable by turning the the outer collar. Search “poly choke” on the internet and you’ll find it.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
The Technoid writing for Shotgun Report, LLC
(Often in error. Never in doubt.)

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1 Response to Poly-Choke

  1. D. Chinn says:

    The late shotgun guru Stan Baker told me never to shoot steel shot of any size through any ‘wonder winder’ (read: external choke system).


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