Lefty Shooter And Right Handed Stock

Dear Technoid,

I own a Beretta 682 skeet which has a right hand stock. Since then I have discovered that I am left eye dominant! I want to shoot with both eyes open and have made the transition of learning to shoot left handed. feel I could shoot better and be more comfortable if I changed stocks. Which you recommend, bend my stock or replace it? Please refer me to anyone you think could help.

Thank you,

Dear Rick,

Good for you. It is always an advantage to shoot with two eyes open, rather than one, because it retains binocular vision. Most people who are cross dominant will not go to the trouble of switching sides. As you know better than most, it can be the very dickens at first. Later on, it pays off. “Handedness” is much less important than eye dominance- especially with a pre- mounted gun used in the American version of skeet.

Beretta insists in putting cast off in all its stocks. Most American trap and skeet shooters crawl their stocks and do better with no cast of any kind. That said, who am I to argue with the Italians when it comes to skeet. The just took the Olympic gold and bronze in skeet. They have the reputation as trap shooters, but they actually have done better in skeet on a world level over the years.

Beretta’s “right handed” stock simply means that it has a bit of cast off (for a righty). This is effectively “cast on” for a lefty. I don’t know if your particular 682 skeet stock has a right handed palm swell, no palm swell or ambidextrous palm swells (they did all three). Your stock is probably quite thick. Some of the Beretta skeet and trap stocks were massively thick. You will have plenty of wood to work with, no matter what you decide to do.

Have you tested the gun for lateral point of impact? This is the first thing that you should do before you even think about altering the stock. It may fit just right as it is. Go back through the Technoid archives in Shotgun Report and look for an article I did on stock alteration and point of impact. We have installed a search engine and that should help to track it down.

My guess is that your gun will either shoot dead on (good for you, stop here and celebrate), or slightly to the right (typical for a lefty shooting a right handed stock). If the gun does shoot to the right, you have three choices:

1) replace the stock with one that has a neutral or left handed cast;

2) bend the stock until is has a neutral or left handed cast;

3) sand the inside of the stock where you cheek touches until your point of impact centers and then refinish the stock.

I really cannot advise you what to do until I know the results of your point of impact testing. If you are shooting to the right at 20 yards, it is vital to know just how much to the right. You are going to have to do some homework. If you are just a little bit off, you may want to do it yourself. I usually prefer the sand and shoot, sand and shoot, sand and shoot approach. That way you can get the fit absolutely perfect if you are patient. Then, of course, you have to refinish the entire stock, not just the little part you sanded- if you want it to look right. A good stock bender should be able to adjust the stock correctly if you just tell him how far away from the aiming point your point of impact is. Make sure to tell him that you were shooting at 21 yards. By the way, when you test for point of impact, if you have screw chokes, make sure to put in Full. At 21 yards, this will make your point of impact quite clear. Buying a new stock from Beretta is very risky as you do not know exactly what will arrive in the mail until you open the box. No two stocks are ever exactly the same. Jeff’s Outfitters in Cape Girardeau, MO often has Beretta stocks on hand at favorable prices.

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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2 Responses to Lefty Shooter And Right Handed Stock

  1. Michael Leipsic says:

    I shoot left handed and recently lost my left eye. Being right eye dominant presents a huge problem. My shooting is waterfowl over decoys where quick response is necessary. Suggestions?


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