Shell Deflector For Trap

Dear Technoid,

I noticed in one of the letters to you a reader has asked about a way to keep empties ejected from the Beretta from going to far, and hitting other shooters.
A simple 1/8″ diameter button can easily be silver soldered to the barrel extension, and it will make the empties go slightly forward and down. I have installed a few, and have not had any malfunction problems. The location is easily determined by measuring the location on a Remington 1100, and duplicating that on the Beretta. Drill a 1/8″ shallow hole in the Berretta extension with a cobalt drill bit, and silver solder the button in place.


Once again, one of Shotgun Report’s clever readers comes up with a great solution to another reader’s problem. I was going to think of this myself, really I was. Honest. The solution described should work for all shotguns that have barrel extensions that are similar to the Remington and Beretta gas operated semi-autos.

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid


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