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Comment: Hello Bruce,

My question is about gun fit. My skeet scores have been in a slump for the past year or more, and I wonder if it’s because I have lost weight in my face. I tried raising the comb on my gun, and the sight picture looks right, but the comb is pretty high (almost 1/2 inch). I used a product called Arrow Laser Shot to see if the gun now points to where I am looking, and it seems to. But, how far back from the target do u need to be when checking the fit? In other words, the laser pointer seems correct from across the room in my house, but would I need to be 20 yards or more from a target to really know? I do not have access to a gun fitter anywhere near where I live, so I’m trying to get this right on my own. Any advice?

Dear Rob,

The right fit for a shotgun is always what is correct for the distance at which you will be shooting the target. In skeet that’s easy. Just fit the gun for about 18 yards and you ought to be in the ball park. Of course, much depends on how quickly you shoot. If you shoot later, set it up longer. In the right light your Arrow Laser Shot ought to show up against an outside wall at that distance.

Of course, there really isn’t much parallax involved here, so the sight picture at one distance ought to work at another if it isn’t extreme. But just to make sure, set things up as I mentioned.

The key is how to test the setup. If your skeet gun as screw chokes, once you’ve got the stock height which seems correct, put in your tightest chokes and shoot some rounds that way. The smaller pattern will give you harder hits when you are on and misses when you are only near. It’s a good way to check gun fit and let you fine tune things.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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2 Responses to Gun Fit

  1. mamontb says:

    I read this having returned from a trap gun shopping trip. I’ve been looking, under the supervision of my coach, for about a week, mostly at Beretta A400 Excels and A391 Urikas, but also at an XLR5 and a Rem 1100 Classic Trap. All seem to fit (in the store, at least), but one thing that bothers me, a lack of contact with my shooting hand. Placing the first pad of my trigger finger on the trigger, only the pads of my other fingers and the heel of my palm are in contact with the grip of the stock. Conversely, if I grip the stock with my shooting hand, I can’t quite reach the trigger. This makes me very uncomfortable as a pistol shooter (I exclusively shoot .45 ACP, Glocks and 1911s). Should I take whatever gun I finally buy to a stock smith and have it modified so that my hand is closer to the trigger while maintaining the same LOP?


    • Bruce Buck says:

      The Fabarm XLR5 has a fore and aft adjustable trigger blade. With the blade in its rearmost position, that might be all you need to make the grip fit. Other than that, you’ll have to have a stockmaker redo the grip on the gun and that gets a little complicated. Usually it means a completely custom stock.

      Bruce Buck
      Shotgun Report’s Technoid


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