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I have a Browning 425 in 12 gauge with 28″ barrels that I use for a combination of grouse and pheasant hunting in the fall, and sporting clays/skeet/trap the rest of the year. I really like the short barrels for hunting, but have noticed that most people now are shooting 30 and 32 inch guns for sporting clays. Is there any way to get a second set of longer barrels for my gun to use on the sporting clays course? Or would it just be cheaper to keep my 425 for hunting and get a second dedicated clays gun.


L. Uherka

Dear L,

You are going to have a tough time finding extra barrels for a gun as old as the 425. Getting 32 inchers might also be an issue. It’s always worth a call to Browning to find out, but don’t expect too much.

But it’s not all bad either. There is absolutely no reason why you can’t shoot excellent sporting clays scores with your 28″ barrels on your 425. Longer barrels are a bit different, but not necessarily better. You are used to shooting the gun with 28″ barrels so if you use them on sporting, all you have to do is concentrate on the targets and not worry about learning to handle a gun with a different balance.

If you really do inisist on a dedicated sporting clays gun and you like the 425, take a look at the new Browning 725. It has a few new features, but the one that is really important is that they have lightened up the barrels. Even with 32″ barrels, the 725 has a fairly lively feeling. Something that you could never say for the previous models in 32″.

But if it were me, I’d stick with the 425 28″ for a while as you got to know the sporting clays game. Once you have shot Clays for a while, you’ll be able to better see if a new gun is worth the time and trouble. Don’t forget, many expert shooters feel that it takes half a year to learn how to shoot a new gun well. You already have a gun that you are comfortable with. Do consider giving it a chance for a while before moving on to something else.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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  1. jon bastable says:

    I shoot an old Browning A5 with 26″ barrels and do just fine…usually in the 30’s. It’s a gun I’ve shot for 48 years!


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