Bass River Rod & Gun, Yarmouthport, MA

A note from one of our readers:

Dear SR:

I was on Cape Cod over Columbus Day weekend and wondered if it would be possible to get in some sporting clays while visiting. Checking the website clued me to the Bass River Rod & Gun Club. Going to the Bass River website I found information that they had sporting clays open on Saturdays from 9 AM-12 PM. I took a chance and drove over to Bass River in Yarmouthport, MA and upon entering the club, followed the signs to the shotgun area. I got out of my vehicle at the clubhouse and approached the nearest gentlemen and introduced myself and asked if non-members were allowed to shoot. I was told, “Yes, they are, but have you done this sort of thing before?” There was the expected reluctance to have to “wet nurse” a beginner. I assured the gentleman that I was experienced, and I was told, “OK, get your gear, and come over to the table and we’ll get the squad out as soon as we can get set up.”

Bass River has one combined Skeet and Trap field with a shot drop zone that rolls out flat and grassy for about 100 yds in front of the Trap house. On the perimeter of the field were a number of additional traps. The club did not have a traditional Sporting Clays setup, but more of a hybrid FITASC setup that uses the Skeet, Trap, and machines that are placed around the larger field in front of the trap house. The shooting stations were designated by shell buckets for empties. Target presentations were written on cards attached to the buckets. Traps were released by single wireless remote control. There were five stations with 6 targets at each station for a total of 30 birds/round.

After showing that I knew what I was doing, the Bass River members were warm, cordial and welcoming to a unknown shotgunner. I can’t say that I would have acted any differently if the situation were reversed. Many thanks to the members of Bass River Rod & Gun Club.

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