Darn, I Can’t Hit Those Birds

For those who shoot one gun for clays and a different one for game, it may be wise for them to get the game gun out and practice on the clay field before going out for the feathered birds. Often the two guns are very different, and it may take a while for the shooter to “get used to” or re-learn how to use that game gun after a long period away from it.

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2 Responses to Darn, I Can’t Hit Those Birds

  1. Mike Mastrianni says:

    Dear Bruce, After shooting skeet for the summer (after a 50 year lay-off), it’s become apparent that I could greatly benefit from having a fitted gun and some lessons . I live in central VT (Barre) and could certainly travel reasonable distances for either. I do have two guns with an adjustable comb and adjustable recoil pad (391 Teknys and 1100 Comp. Synthetic) that I think would be suitable. Are you aware of anyone in the general area who I might contact for either or both. Thank you for your time and always enjoyable column. Mike Mastrianni


    • Bruce Buck says:

      One of the best shooting coaches and gun fitters I know in the NorthEast is Keith Lupton in Rhinebeck, NY. He really understands the mechanics of shotgunning.



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