Shoot What You Shoot Best

Dear Technoid,

It´s been a long while since I last reached out for help from you. After a lifetime of competitive trench shooting, now in my mid 50´s have started at Fitasc sporting, my sons like it much more and it keeps us together as a family.

I have been shooting an MX8 for the last 20 years, although used a semi auto for hunting. I have had and old but pristine shape Browning B-25 C2G, that I had briley choked. For the life of me I cannot shoot my perazzi as well as the old browning in sporting. I have them both set up with the exact same stock dimensions, chokes and shells. Both are 30 inch barrels, the P gun heavier. Any insight on the reasons???



What can I tell you? You have observed exactly the same thing that I have. Even though guns of different brands are set up to be as similar as possible, they are different. Obviously, FITASC is different from bunker but you know that. The dynamics of starting from the low gun FITASC position might be part of the issue. In addition to gun fit, subtle weight and balance differences may come into play as the gun is raised and moved onto the target.

I’ve never shot my Perazzis as well as I have my FN B25 Special Trap #2 bunker guns. There is something about those B25s. I’m certainly not knocking Perazzis. Their Olympic record is unequalled. But, for me, the B25s just have a life of their own.

You are fortunate to own two such marvelous guns. Sometimes it’s best just to shoot the one you shoot best and not concern yourself.

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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2 Responses to Shoot What You Shoot Best

  1. jon bastable says:

    My two guns: Bng A5 – 12 ga. And Bng Gold 20ga.

    Both have shortened stocks and cut the same. The A5 always mounts better than the Gold – must be the “hump!

  2. In teaching you see everything come before me. From 870 pumps to k-80’s and everything in between. We do all of this for fun and recreation. 99.9% of us do not make our living out of breaking those little orange discs. Bottom line………..SHOOT WHAT FEELS GOOD, WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY, and if the Browning breaks targets better than the Perazzi…… be it. The Browning it is. God made each one of us tick a little different, and when we get that gun in our hands, sometimes one just works out better than another. I had my MX8 done perfectly for me. Stock, trigger pull, barrels, the works. Was shooting it well. Then by chance I picked up an MX2000 off the rack at Galazans…………it felt as if I had been shooting it since birth. Bought it, did nothing to it, and picked up 5-7 targets, and have been shooting it ever since. GO FIGURE
    So whatever feels good in your hands, breaks targets, and makes you happy………….KEEP PULLING THAT TRIGGER. Merry Christmas to everyone at Shotgun Report.

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