Heavy Left Hand

Dear Technoid,

You mentioned you use a heavy left hand. Could you please explain exactly what you mean to this cold Canuck? I have not quite thawed from shooting yesterday in the minus 17 cold we have, and my faculties are somewhat slowed. (As were my shells yesterday!)



Dear Steve,

Everyone holds and handles their shotguns differently. I am right handed and tend to take a fairly firm grip on my gun. Some people hold their guns quite lightly. I have seen shooters (not GOOD shooters, mind you) hold their forends with just the thumb and index finger!

Most shooters hold the pistol grip in a slightly tighter grip than they do the forend. I tend to hold them both with about the same amount of pressure- a fair amount. It is a little less fluid (try holding VERY hard to the pistol grip and forend and you will see what I mean when you try to swing), but in return I get absolutely no muzzle movement when I shoot. It is all a trade off, but definitely worth experimenting with.

If you hold your gun firmly in your hands, you will also notice that you take less recoil to the shoulder and face (but more to the elbows and wrists).

As to you cold Canucks- don’t kid me. I know that you guys all bunch up down in Florida in February.

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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One Response to Heavy Left Hand

  1. jon bastable says:

    Interesting subject: For me, the tighter I pull the gun, the less swing, especially left to right. I have a pistol grip behind the trigger and another grip that hangs down from the forend – this due to cancer surgery 12 years ago. I do pull the gun close with the pistol grip but I think the forend grip is less. Something to think about – thanks for discussing…



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