Top Barrel First?

Dear Bruce

Why would a competition o/u shotgun be designed to fire the top barrel first and the barrels choked accordingly ? I noticed this in a older perazzi catolog.




An older competition gun firing top barrel first and choked accordingly? I’m not sure I know why. Generally you want to fire the under barrel first because the recoil is more in line with the shoulder and there is less muzzle rise than when the top barrel is fired.

Perhaps in the case of a trap gun combo with a set of O/U barrels and a over single barrel, if the trigger were non-selective, you’d have to set up to fire the top barrel first to use the over single barrel. Then you would order the chokes on the O/U barrels to accomodate this. But that’s just a guess.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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