Ithaca Model 51 Parts Addendum

A thoughtful Shotgun Report reader sent us the following information on Ithaca Model 51 parts:

Dear Technoid,

Just read a post on your site about parts for Ithaca autoloaders.
Thought you may like to know that parts are available for obsolete Ithaca models.

Sharp’s Guns Ltd
RR#4 Dunville Ontario Canada
N1A 2W3

When Ithaca closed their Canadian operation, Ron Sharps purchased all the parts inventory, as well as a large qty of inventory from the U.S.
If it exists, he probably has it.



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2 Responses to Ithaca Model 51 Parts Addendum

  1. I believe I have solved the problem with the bars, and we have been selling them, along with other Ithaca 51 parts for the last 4 months. If any readers inquire they can be bought at or

    Thanks, and great blog! Glad I found it!



  2. Ken W says:

    I just discovered that an outfit called Skal-Tec Ballistics ( is offering a newly made slide for the Ithaca Model 51. It features rails made of CNC machined 4100 steel. The also have replacement recoil springs and buffers.


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