Polishing Forcing Cones

Not only do we have the best readers, we may also have the smartest. In answer to the my Technoidal whining about the difficulty of polishing forcing cones REALLY shiny, reader Greg K. comes up with this answer. It makes sense and is certainly worth a try. Thanks Greg.

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

Dear Technoid,

Per your comment on polishing long forcing cones, you may want to try the “Flex Hone” made by Brush Research and sold by Brownells a “forcing cone flex hone” in the fine grit Part # 080- 607-512. This tool is excellent for bringing the forcing cone to a high polish.

After polishing with the hone, use a piece of thick leather mounted on a split mandrel with some oil & clover compound (or just some toothpaste, or “Simichrome Polish”) and turned in a drill, for a burnished and mirror polish, can’t be beat!

The method described will polish even the factory short cones very nicely, you don’t have to take the cone way out to get a high polish. I’ve been doing this for years, and the job I do is much better than the most of the pros jobs that I’ve seen.



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