Shooting Glasses Colors

just got a new eye prescription, and would appreciate your keen insight into pro,s and con,s of the best selection of colors for clay shooting. i shoot skeet trap and sporting clays, thanx for the help


Dear Phil,

I’m the wrong guy to ask about eye glass colors. For 40 years I have used sort of a light bronze for everything and under all conditions, both clays and for our feathered friends. The only exception is that I use pale yellow when I’m hunting birds in heavy dark cover. I have some dark bronze polarized lenses but, even though I live in Florida and shoot during the summer, I’ve never seen the need to use them. I’m sure that others have done far more research into this than I have.

The eye doctors I’ve spoken to were generally of the opinion that different people see things differently, so there might not be an ideal color choice. I really don’t know about that. I had a friend who used to show up at the shoots with a briefcase full of lenses. He’d tinker with this and try a bit of that, all before settling on something that pleased him for that moment. It worked for him, but not for me. Once one of the shooting glasses companies sent me a complete selection of every color of lens that they made. I tried them all and went back to my light bronze. Of course, that may explain why I sometimes get grotty scores. Gotta be the glasses, right?

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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One Response to Shooting Glasses Colors

  1. jon bastable says:

    I recently bought a pair of Richard Allen’s light yellow tint shooting glasses – Amazon, $6.50 and I love them; over the regular glasses. On a cloudy day, wearing them is like turning on the bright lights – and extremely helpful when hunting.


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