Remington 1100 question


Another Remington 1100 question! Remington 1100’s fit me like a glove, I enjoy shooting them for everything. I want to take one turkey hunting. I would like to know if I was to purchase a used 3″ barrel off one of the websites and put it on my 1100 that is not a magnum, would if function properly? Is that is okay to do, or not recommended?



When in doubt about something like this which involves safety, go to the source. Go to Remington. That’s what their Customer Service department is all about. Don’t ask me. I just make stuff up. My wife doesn’t obey me and my dog doesn’t come when I call.

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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  1. What a perfect response. At least my dogs do come when I call them back. Wife………same boat as you Bruce


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