Beretta 391 Cycling Issue With Light Loads

Name: Mike
Comment: Beretta AL 391 Urika Teknys. I would appreciate your help in regards to slow cycling with light target loads. When I try to shoot trap doubles, it seems to take forever for the second shell to hit the breach. What modifications would you recommend that would speed up the cycling rate for my application?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Mike,

Well, it might depends to some extent on what you mean by “light” target loads. Try them in someone else’s auto and see if they work. If not, it may be the shell. If they do work, then it’s on to Step Two.

My 391 shot OK with 1200 fps 7/8 oz, but I wouldn’t want to go any lighter. Generally, the first thing that I do with a sloooow auto is to make sure that the gun is properly cleaned. Generally, the 391s work perfectly even when absolutely filthy, but you never know.

Then see to it that all the friction parts are lubed wet with Break Free CLP. I have great faith in that particular brand for gas guns. Lube the piston and the rod the piston rides on. Put a little in the gas chamber under the barrel. Clean your gas ports while you are at it (though that is seldom the issue). Put a little bit of BreakFree CLP on the bolt feet and on the rails of the carrier.

And by putting oil on, I don’t mean putting it on and wiping it off to leave only a thin coating. Put a decent amount on and leave it wet.

If this doesn’t work, it might be best to pull your mainspring from the housing in the stock and relube it. I use a little grease for that. If the gun has a good number of rounds through it, it might be time to change the spring. I swap mainsprings every 5~10K rounds.

If all that doesn’t work, it might be best to contact someone who really knows what he is talking about. Rich Cole of is the best Beretta mechanic I know of.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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