Camo Finish

Dear Technoid,

I was just wondering where to find some one who can paint camo on my shotgun. I bought a 390 a few years ago and it has just been taking a beating in and out of the blind. Camo tapes are just a pain, Cabelas has a shrink wrap that’s OK but there has to be some place that will spray a nice max-4 or wetland print doesn’t there?

Dear Caleb,

The camo patterns that you see on factory guns are done with an overlay dipping process that is actually quite complex. Here’s a firm that appears to do it the way it is done in come factories.

I’ve never used C.A.M.O. Enterprises before so you are on your own, but his description of the process sounds like the real deal. The ducks won’t care, but you may.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
The Technoid for Shotgun Report, LLC

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