Fast Vs Slow Pellet

Hard to believe but I entered into a discussion with a first team all American this past weekend when he stated faster shot(1330fps) doesn’t travel any farther that slower shot(1200fps).

Who says you have to be smart to be a good shot!

Anyway perusing your past articles I couldn’t find the one where slow shot actually catches up to the faster shot because it slows more :).


Robert, pig on a shovel shooter (Mclass 8yrs)

Dear Robert

Just because you are a good shot doesn’t mean that you are a professor of physics. Unfortunately, I am neither, but that won’t stop me from lashing out with yet another Technoidal opinion.

The same pellet starting out at 1330 fps compared to it’s sibling at 1200 will go further. Has to. Got to. Let’s say that a #8 with a 3 foot muzzle velocity of 1200 leaving the barrel at an angle of X, will go Y yards. Now start the same pellet at 1330. It takes a little bit of time and distance for that 1330 pellet to slow down to 1200, but it will. Once it does, it will go the same Y yards that the one that started at 1200 did. The distance the pellet travels when it is slowing down from 1330 to 1200 is the difference in the distance that the pellets will travel. They all go the same theoretical distance once they hit 1200 fps.

The above is a very rough example, but all my examples are rough. It’s that kind of world.

Note that the above does not force me to deal with the fact that the faster a pellet is started, the faster it slows down. That’s true with pellets, automobiles or anything else that has to deal with air and energy. But that fact doesn’t impact our example.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
The Technoid for Shotgun Report, LLC


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