Beretta 391 or 400 For The Field?

Oh Master,
I shoot a 391 gold Sporting for clays
Have a 16 ga o&u for woodcock and Ruffs- 6 lbs 2ozs.
Would like a 391 12 ga light gun for pheasants
May even get a 20 ga 391
Want to set the bird guns the same as my clays gun with the idea of all the shooting I do with a 391 will transfer to the bird gunning
Shoot mostly over a fast cocker- don’t laugh
70 years old – the lighter the better.
Thinking the high 6 lbs for the 12
Low 6s for the 20
Oh 26 in or shorter
Can you tell me the models to look for?
Will go to the a400 if I have to.
But would like to stay with the 391 if poss
Give me the benefit of your vast knowledge

Dear Bill,

Oh, do I envy you your cocker. I’ve hunted over a lot of English cockers used as flushers for quail and even a little bit for SoDak pheasant. I can’t think of a field dog that I would rather own.

I appreciate that you have come to the mountain to seek the truth, but I’m more Yogi than yogi on the subject of 391 and A400 weights. I reviewed an A400 Xplor Unico field model 12 for “Shooting Sportsman” in 2010. It weighed exactly 7# (with a 28″ bbl), not the 6.6# claimed in Beretta’s brochure. Though I’ve shot lots of 391 20 gauge guns in South America, I’ve never had the chance to put one on the scale, nor to weigh an A400 20. I have a Browning B-80, which is really a Beretta 302 with a square receiver, but the receiver is steel and all the Berettas are alloy.

Bottom line: Dunno. My guess is that the A400 12 Xplor field gun might be slightly lighter than the average 391 12, but I don’t know how much. I don’t know that the guns would weigh in 20 gauge, but I would be surprised if it were much under 6.5#.

I understand your goal to duplicate your clay gun handling in the field with something lighter, but I wonder whether an identical, but lighter gun, will handle the same. A lot of people also set up their clays guns to be a little more nose heavy, while they prefer neutrally balanced guns for the field. And upland hunting with an auto is a pain. All that loading and unloading for every creek, barbed wire fence or dog collar adjustment. You already have got a 16, a marvelous gauge. Just a thought.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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1 Response to Beretta 391 or 400 For The Field?

  1. Jeff says:

    I’ve got a newer A400 Xplor in 20 ga with a 28″ barrel. The only change from out of the box is a 1″ kick eez pad. It weighs 6.08 pounds.


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