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The stock dimensions of the Beretta 682 Gold E and the Beretta 691 “fit” me. I am thinking of restocking an antique L C Smith and would like to end up with a stock that fits me. Can I duplicate the dimensions of the 682 Gold E and end up with a stock that “fits” me. How would you approach this issue?

Thanks for your time and effort addressing this question I appreciate it.
Dear Claude,

Be careful swapping stock dimensions from O/Us and autos to SxSs. If your LC has double triggers, you will want to add about 1/2″ more or less to your usual single trigger O/U or auto length. Maybe more. As to stock height, remember that SxSs have more muzzle flip than O/Us or autos, so you may want to stock the SxS a bit higher. That’s also true if your SxS has a swamped rib as opposed to a raised flat one.

Since the chances are that your LC’s stock, being an old gun and built for smaller shooters, is short and low for you, it might make sense to go to the pattern plate with a roll of masking tape and some cardboard to temporarily modify the stock until it suits you as to length and height. It is harder to tinker with adding more cast. That takes sandpaper. Lessening cast just takes some more tape.

Watch out for length too. The true functional length of a gunstock is not from the trigger to the center of the butt plate. That’s the dimension stockmakers use because it is a convenient measurement. Your finger can happily flex forward and back over an inch, so the trigger blade is not a reliable determinant of length. The real stock length is determined from about half way down the arch of the pistol grip to the center of the butt plate. That’s really the distance that matters. And, yes, stocks with tight grips can be shot shorter than stocks with more open grips. Next time you hold a gun, try moving your hand all the way up the pistol grip, mount the gun and test it for length. Now move your hand all the way down the pistol grip and do it again. You will see the difference for sure. The stock length hasn’t changed, but due to where you hold your hand, the stock length sure had.

Once you get a fit that prints well on the pattern board, spend a few days shooting sporting clays with the gun to make sure all is well. Then, when you have junked it up to perfection and have it shooting spot on, call up your stock maker and ask him whether he would want you to measure the gun yourself or send him the gun all taped up so that he could measure it.

Now to confess. I do know that some people shoot their SxSs at the same dimensions as their O/Us and autos. I’m not one of those people, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t work for you. It just depends.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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