Winchester Model 12 for Clays?

I have a ’40’s vintage Winchester Model 12 with a factory Lyman Polychoke. It fits me and I shoot it pretty well (70’s). What’s the downside?



Model 12 with a Poly for sporting? There are several disadvantages. The main one is that everyone else will be so jealous of you that they won’t buy you beers after you win the shoot. Another disadvantage is that you won’t get any real exercise when you have to change the choke. Nor will you learn anything about repairing target guns, because pumps don’t break.

If you are comfortable with a Model 12, certainly the slickest pumping of the genre, you certainly have what it takes to deal with any true pair. A good guy with a pump can shoot so fast that it sounds like a beer burp. Of course, speed is not really a factor as just about all true pairs give you plenty of time for the second shot.

The Polychoke is a great gizmo. I’ve often wondered why it wasn’t more popular in sporting. A good number of years ago I won the Connecticut state sporting clays championship with a Polychoked 1100. Now that everything has a screw-in choke, the Polys aren’t seen much, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t continue to work perfectly.

You have a great gun and a great choke. Definitely just fine for sporting.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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