Trapping The Trigger

Dear Technoid:

I have just begun to shoot trap doubles and use a 2 year old Browning Citori trap model. All goes well except that occasionally the trigger remains in the rearward position after firing the first shot from the under barrel (once in approximately 25 pairs). The trigger has clearance with the trigger guard. The condition is cleared after opening and closing the action. I inspected the trigger mechanics, they are clean.

A fellow shooter claims that I’m holding the trigger back too hard and thus not allowing the inertial process to make the changeover happen. (Maybe I could try shooting the over barrel first)

Any suggestions are appreciated!!


Dear John,

This is a tough one to analyze over the ether. It is possible that there is something wrong with your trigger, but I doubt it. What you may be doing is called “trapping the trigger”. It is a bit like a flinch in that it is an involuntary muscular trait. You just simply do not release the trigger for the second shot, or do not release it enough. The shooter is often completely unaware that he does this. Fortunately, unlike a flinch, it is usually quite easy to cure.

Trapping is usually caused by poor pistol grip and trigger fit. If your trigger is adjustable, try moving it forward or back. If not, you might try a trigger shoe. You might also try something to change your grip, like one of those stick on Wundhammer swells. Lacking that, change the position of your hand on the pistol grip slightly. The key is to do something that will change your finger’s relation to the trigger. That ought to do the trick.

It also wouldn’t hurt to pull the stock and clean out the action just in case I am, yet once again, full of hot air and it is actually a trigger problem.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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