Sticky Pads


I just go through trimming and putting a Limb Saver on an 870. I find that, as you say in the article, it is very “sticky” and not worth a dime for throwing up and shooting birds or skeet or anything!

Please tell me if there is anything that I can put on the pad to make it “slick” so that it will work for me.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Kindest regards,

Huntsville, Texas


Try some Slick-Eez

You are certainly not the only one to suffer from sticky-pad-itis. Slick-Eez works pretty well.

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid


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3 Responses to Sticky Pads

  1. jim rennie says:

    I covered my sticky Limbsaver recoil pad with the toe of a nylon stocking and taped it in place with Gorilla tape. Works great, lasts a whole season. A piece of tape on the top corner of the butt pad makes it less catchy on clothes as the gun comes up.


  2. Jon Bastable says:

    stickey pads…I have pads on two guns. I used a grinder to shave some of the material on the leading edge of the pad (rounded or beveled) and this seems to help. I also wound black electrical tape around the sides of the pad; not very fancy, but it works.


  3. Chuck says:

    I just wrap slick plastic electrical tape a time or two around only the sides of the recoil pad. I buy the expensive, USA made 3M brand “professional” style. Only wrap the tape on the pad. If, for some reason you have to cover wood, remove the at the end of the hunt or shooting session. I call my procedure a tapelectomy and always carry the type of tape described in my shooting bag for “in the field procedures.”


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