Shooting Bunker With A Browning B25


What do you think of shooting bunker with a 1973 Browning B25 30-inch M/F Lightning? It has a dead flat rib and mechanical trigger. The boys around the bunker in Phoenix seem to be indicating that I am wasting my time without a Perazzi. Your view on this would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you. Jan


I shoot bunker in Gainesville, FL with a Belgian B25. It’s a 1974 Fabrique Nationale Special Trap No. 6. That’s a Belgian Browning B25 made for the European market, but mostly similar to the American market B25s. It also has a dead flat rib and the mechanical Mark V trigger. I can’t think of a better gun for the game. The balance is perfect, chokes are correct and the rib height is, for me, ideal. I had to sand the trap stock down just a touch to get the flat picture that I need for bunker, but that was just a personal adjustment.

You don’t mention whether your B25 is a Lightning field gun or is in a trap configuration. It really doesn’t matter as long as the stock height is correct and the pistol grip fits your hand. The balance on the 30″ Belgian guns is about perfect and that’s what counts. Stocks can always be adjusted.

Perazzis can be very good guns IF (note big “if”) they are set up correctly. If not, they are no better than anything else.

You are most definitely not wasting your time shooting bunker with a B25.

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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