O/U Shotgun (Pros)

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1 Response to O/U Shotgun (Pros)

  1. Ted Cherry says:

    Excellent comments regarding the qualities/features of O/U shotguns. You did mention some safety features that the O/U’s have as an advantage over the auto’s and pump actions. This brings up a question I have regarding safety while guns are in a gun rack between rounds of a competition. The auto’s and the pumps must have their actions open, so as to show that the guns are in a safe mode, which does make sense. However, ATA rules allow break guns to be closed while in the racks. As a casual observer, how is it possible for me to tell if the SxS or the O/U’s are in a safe mode? With the actions closed, there cannot be any guarantee that these guns do not have live shells in their chambers, and could possibly discharge under the right, although very rare conditions? Refer to ATA Rules Book 9-1-13, page #15, I.Safety, #10.
    This rule depends on the individual gun owner on a honor system. Is this safe enough?
    Thank you in advance! TED


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