Schnable Forend’s Purpose?

Dear Technoid,

What is the function of the schnable fore-end shape? Is the dip at the far side for hand placement or for an ascetic purpose? I have long arms and it still seems to be too far out on the barrel to hold the gun in an effective way.

Cheers- F.B.

Dear F.B.

The Schnable forend is pretty much a cosmetic item originally via Germany or Austria. Some shooters like the Schnable lip as a forefinger locator, others find that it gets in the way. I had a Belgian Superlight with a Schnable forend and I had the front cut off and rounded to the more traditional shape of the earlier Superlights. Teutonic stock design, like Teutonic engraving, is an acquired taste and I have yet to acquire it.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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