28 Gauge Reloading


I have a quantity of AA (not AAHS) 28 ga hulls and looking for a 3/4 oz (or 7/8 oz I wish) load for 1200 – 1250 fps using standard wads and primers. Alliant site now only gives data for 28 ga AAHS. I shoot a 28 ga Beretta BL3 that I have had for 30 years and I consistently kill more doves with it than with any of my 12 or 20 gauge guns.


The Hodgdon reloading data site lists loads for both the 28 gauge “2-3/4″ Winchester AA Plastic Shells” and also the new “2-3/4″ Wincester AAHS and Super-X HS Plastic Shells”. Of course, you will have to use Hodgdon powder for these recipes.

If you already have some Alliant 28 gauge powder, why not just give the company a call and ask if they still have any data on reloading the older AA hulls? In the past, I’ve found them very cooperative for such requests. They have all the data, but they just don’t publish it when they feel a hull is outdated.

Like you, I love the 28 and have amassed a large supply of the older AA plastic hulls. I’ve had good luck loading Unique, Universal and 20/28 under the appropriate Claybuster wad.

In the current market situation, getting the reloading recipe is one thing. Actually finding some shotgun powder to buy is quite another. But that too will pass.

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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