Older Perazzi


I’m beginning to see older Perazzi models (Comp 1 and MT6) for at or below the $3K mark. Many have a Tula system and 26″ barrels. Do you suppose that old Int Skeet guns such as these would fare well in non registered sporting clays (sometimes referred to as forest skeet). I’m currently using Muller U-0 and U-1 in a field Beretta 686 with 28″ barrels exclusively and not having any problem breaking targets. I’m not serious enough about it to warrant moving up to a modern Perazzi but if older models are going for around the price of a new 692 or CG Summit I’d keep my options open even knowing that I’m dealing with less versatility and a 45-year-old gun.



I’ve seen Comp Is with Tula chokes, but not the MT6. The MT6s I’ve seen have Perazzi’s early screw chokes. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t Tula choked MT6s, just that I’ve not seen them. I have a pal who shoots a 30″ screw choked MT6 at all types of sporting and he just loves it. He paid $3,300 for it in good condition.

I had an Ithaca import Comp I with fixed choke barrels and one with the Tula chokes which I did use in IntSk back in the day. I never had mechanical problems with either gun, though the opening lever mechanism and forend iron have been redesigned by Perazzi through the years.

If you get a Tula choked gun, there really isn’t much you can do to alter the chokes. If you get a fixed choke one, you can always have Briley put in Thinwalls if you wish. I don’t know if the skeet guns are cheaper or more available, but if you could get a 29-1/2″ fixed choke bbl, it would be more versatile even if you had to spend a little more.

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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