The Technoid Opines-Briefly, on A400, BPS Trap

Your opinion on the Beretta A400 and the Browning BPS Trap? I have a synth. 3901 28 inch barrel for everything (doves, ducks, all clay target games, and turkey. My daughters required removal almost 2 inches off the stock of an old Browning Gold with a target gas piston that shoots ok but cleaning is required more than the 3901. I can shoot it with a slip Pach. recoil pad with a lot of cardboard inserts for length of stock.

Thanks- Ed

Dear Ed:

I’m not really sure what your question is. The A400 is a nice auto, but I don’t think that it’s any better than the 391 or the 390. Your 3901 (basically a 390) is an excellent gun. Reliable, versitile and ideal for what you are using it for. Unless you really want a new gun, the 3901 should be all you need.

As to the BPS trap, I’d definitely get an 870 trap before a BPS trap. I’m not a big fan of bottom ejection and I felt that the 870s were smoother than the BPS, at least the ones I’ve had of both showed this. Either one would be a buy as a used gun as these pumps never wear out.

As to the Browning Gold, what can I tell you. When you cut the stock for someone, you run into this sort of thing.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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1 Response to The Technoid Opines-Briefly, on A400, BPS Trap

  1. Don Seibel says:

    Mr. Buck,
    Your observations always seem spot on, so this is an absolute first but I feel duty bound to point out that my experience with the BPS differs from your own. Specifically, the part about pumps (like the BPS) never wearing out. Mine did. To be fair, it got a medium workout for about 20 years but then things just started going wrong, one after the other – action bars separated from pump (broke off a big weld and multiple rivets); then the front rib post broke off; and shortly thereafter, the hammer broke. To compound the felony, Browning won’t sell me or my gunsmith a hammer – you have to roll the dice by sending it to them and hoping for the best. This gun was used, not abused. I loved her, but she left me! Replaced in my effections by a svelte Ithaca M37 that makes me smile – so I don’t think I’ll answer the door, even if she comes a knockin. As you sometimes say, YMMV.


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