28 Gauge Sporting Shot Size

Dear Technoid,

I am thinking of trying my 28 gauge at Sporties… My question is,,would 7 1/2`s even be useful? or should I just stick with 8`s and 9`s being the shot load is only 3/4 oz?

Any thoughts?



Dear Rich,

I shoot a fair amount of sporting with my 32″ 28 gauge Perazzi and have never found the need to use anything other than #8 shot. Of course, I have fixed chokes and they are pretty tight. If you have screw chokes, you’d probably do well to maximize that little shot load by using #9s for skeet distance birds and then use #8s for regular stuff. With only 3/4 oz to play with, the pellet count of #7-1/2s would seem to be a disadvantage. I’ve broken some very long birds with #8s.

In the small gauges, pellet count really becomes important. Pellet count vs pellet energy is always a issue, but in the little guns I’d lean to pellet count.

Also, little guns have little bores. That means that they might have a definite preference for pellet size. Some small bores do not handle larger pellet sizes well. My Perazzi 28 handles #8 and #7- 1/2 quite well, but my wife’s Beretta 28 prefers #8s. A little patterning could really pay off in helping your decision.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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1 Response to 28 Gauge Sporting Shot Size

  1. Richard Russell says:

    No mention of #8.5 shot? An excellent compromise IMO, I shoot 5/8oz of #8.5 in my 28ga’s.
    3/4oz in the 20ga also works well. No need to choke down as the pellet counts are up there with an oz of #7.5’s.
    Ps. Just got a copy of your “Shotguns on Review” book, good reading!


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