Store Guns Muzzle Down


I just read your response concerning dry firing and while I agree with your position on that topic, I am a bit confused as to the final comment you made about storing guns with the muzzle down. Will you please elaborate (as if I needed to ask!) on this topic? I have heard this comment several times in the very recent past and want to know more about this method of storage.

Also, will you identify how you modified the interior of your safe to accommodate this method of storage? My safe is a Fort Knox Protector 500 with an 11-gun easy (yeah right) access interior.

Thanks in advance for your input on this topic.


Dear T,

Well, of course I will elaborate! See if you can stop me. Elaboration is mother’s milk to the Technoid. So is needless, heedless obfuscation- for my own protection, naturally.

I use a Browning safe with, I believe, just about the same “Semi- careful now! – easy out” feature as your Fort Knox. The carpeted barrel notches are arranged in the shape of a “U” along the sides and the back. In theory, it sacrifices space for convenience, but it is still hard to keep from putting dings in things.

To store you guns upside down you just, well, store them upside down. You put the muzzle on the (carpeted, I hope) bottom of the safe and rest the comb (top) of the stock in the carpeted notch where most people put the barrel. The trigger guards sort of stick out towards the center of the safe. That’s it. No modifications of any kind are required. You can recase that chain saw. If our safes were the “Not at all easy out” style, where the barrels are supposed to stick through little holes, carpentry would be in order.

Upside down shotgun storage keeps any errant oils from soaking into the head of the stock and also takes pressure off of the stock wrist so that it will not take an unwelcome set or remove the welcome set that you had bent in. This is particularly true with thin wristed English guns.

There it is. More than you ever wanted to know from your gushing font of knowledge.

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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1 Response to Store Guns Muzzle Down

  1. Jef says:

    Storing your gun upside down can also greatly extend the life of your recoil pad.


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