One Stock For All Games?


After a lot of experimentation with the Stock of an MX8 Trap (Teague Chokes) to achieve a good fit, I find that the stock is good for Skeet, Sporting and Olympic Trap (OT). Now I’m wondering is that correct, can the same Stock be suitable for all 3 or does OT require some differences from the others.


Dear Gerry,

Yes, the same stock can certainly work well with Skeet, Sporting and Bunker (Olympic Trap). I happily use the same gun for all three. All three games work well with a flat shooting to very slightly high shooting gun. Everyone is different, but for me I like to set up all my guns so that I am looking flat down the rib when I cheek the gun unrealistically hard. That ensures that I never “lose” the rib by cheeking hard on a dropper and having my eye go below the rib, thus losing the target. When I shoot with normal cheek pressure I see a little bit of rib, but not too much.

I have this setup on a 30″ FN Special Trap No. 6, which is my goto 12 gauge target O/U for those three sports. Being a trap gun (well really, a bunker gun), the stock started just a touch too high for me, so I sanded it down while patterning it to get it just right.

Not for a moment would I suppose that my personal solution would work for everyone. We are all different and have different shooting styles. I’m just saying that what works for me functions just fine for the three games you mention. I shoot very little ATA trap and find that when I do, I have to cover the rising bird. But for the other games, this setup is perfect for me. My field guns are set up the same or perhaps very slightly lower because field work is such a snatch and grab sport.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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