Which Gun For Olympic Trap (Bunker) ?

Hello Technoid,
I have owned a beretta 682 gold e sporting 28″ barrels adjustable stock since 2002 and I am very happy with it in skeet and sporting, My concern now is shooting Olympic trap. I would preferably buy a used gun for starting and I saw a 682 gold trap in a very good condition at 2200$ and a DT 10 l adjustable stock and 30″ barrels,also in an acceptable condition at 5500$. I know that you cannot compare a 682 to a Dt10l in all means ,but as for starting trap is it better to start with a cheaper gun and later on shift to a more professional knowing that a perazzi mx11 is basically at the same price of Dt10 and available too but I have no idea about perazzi. Could you please advise… Thank you and best regards



Asking me what kind of gun to buy is like asking what kind of girl to marry. It’s all a matter of choice and what suits one person may not suit another.

Pretty much the most popular gun at the high levels of Olympic trap, or bunker, is one or another of the many, many Perazzi models. The big advantage of the Perazzi is that they custom build it to your instructions. The downside is that if you can’t write down exactly what you want on a piece of paper, you could get something that doesn’t suit you. You have to really know your stuff to order a custom gun. If you buy a Perazzi off the shelf, you are buying a gun that was set up for someone else. That could be good or bad.

Most bunker shooters prefer a 30″ barreled O/U, so you are on the right track there. But, as a beginner in the game, it might make the most sense for you to wait a bit before committing to a gun and just shoot your 28″ Beretta for a while. It might not be ideal, but it won’t be too far off while you learn the ropes. The important thing is that with a little bit more bunker experience, you will start to form your own opinions as to guns. More importantly, you can see what the other people are using and perhaps borrow a friend’s gun occasionally to try it out.

Watch out buying a standard trap gun set up for ATA American trap. Those guns tend to be stocked higher than you want for bunker and they tend to be a little more nose heavy than is ideal at bunker. Most bunker shooters prefer a flat shooting gun without excessive barrel length or weight up front.

Since most (but not all) bunker shooters set up their guns to shoot fairly flat, you are looking right down the rib. That makes the visual perception of a longer barrel immaterial. When you look down the rib, you can’t tell how long a barrel is. All you really care about is the barrel weight, balance and swing speed. Your 682 E skeet/sporting 28″ barrels might work, at least to get you going.

If you generally like the fit of your 682, but really wanted longer barrels, you might be able to pick them up from someone like Rich Cole at http://www.colegun.com. He is a serious Beretta dealer and gunsmith.

The Beretta DT10s and 11s really haven’t caught on so much over here, but many Europeans shoot them. The big problem is that they cost almost as much as a Perazzi, so why not buy the Perazzi? The DT10/11 certainly costs a lot more than a 682, but those 682s hold up very well and are most excellent guns.

What do I shoot bunker with? Glad you asked. I’m not a great bunker shot, but I enjoy the game a great deal. I use a 30″ Fabrique Nationale Special Trap No. 6. That’s basically a Belgian Browning made for the European market. It’s lighter up front than the Belgian Browning guns made for the US trap market. The guns are extraordinarily reliable and I very much like the handling for use in bunker and sporting, plus driven shooting. But the triggers aren’t quite as good as the Perazzis.

So, which will it be? Blonde, red head or brunette. It’s your call, but half the fun is in doing the choosing.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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