Second Barrel For Citori XS Sporter


I have a Browning xs special sporter, dated 2005. The gun is a 30 inch
model with midas extended chokes. I use this gun for all my shooting,
trap, skeet and sporting. I would like to buy 32 inch fixed choke
barrels to use on the same gun, i.e. be able to interchange barrels for
different disciplines. I have sourced barrels in England, and I need to
know if Citori barrels are readily interchangeable, or what do I need to
be wary of? Hope you can help.



Citori barrels are not as readily interchangeable as would the barrels
be on a Krieghoff. Those are pretty much interchangeable. Occasionally,
Citori barrels will interchange without fitting, but that is the
exception. Belgian Browning barrels certainly need fitting. It shouldn’t
be too big a deal to have done if you have a good gunsmith nearby in New

But honestly, do you think that an extra 2″ is going to make any
difference? It certainly won’t ballistically. It will very slightly
alter your sight picture if you currently see a lot of rib. But if you
shoot flat down the rib, it won’t change anything.

What extra barrel length often does is alter the balance by adding an
ounce or two right up front where you will notice it. That said, since
you will be adding a fixed choke barrel, that may well actually be
lighter up front than the shorter screw choke barrel because they don’t
need to jug the muzzle for the screw chokes.

I must also confess that I am not intimately familiar with any possible
subtle modifications which Miroku has made to their action dimensions
over the years. The fixed choke barrels you would get from Britain are
probably Miroku branded, as opposed to the Browning Citori branded gun
you will put them on. Both are out of the same factory, but there may be
small changes that I am unaware of. Especially considering if the gun
and barrels come from different years.

You know what they say about a gun with two barrel sets, don’t you? It’s
one good gun and a mistake. Just kidding, but it is something to think

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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