Lefty/Righty Gas Gun Conundrum

Dear Shotgun Report,

We sure hope you can help us, because this search is becoming tiring. My wife would like to go Sporting Clays with me. She is not the big and can’t handle a 12 ga. so we are looking for a 20 ga. Semi-Auto.

No Problem you say ? How about helping us find one for a Left Handed person. We live in upper central Pa, hunting and sporting country par excellence. But none of the dealers up here have been able to help us, they all say that nobody is selling new left-handed semi-auto shotguns in 20 ga. I know that she can always use an O/U, but when we went out with one, she didn’t like it one bit.

We have spent countless hours on the internet searching site after site and coming up empty. We are open to any and all suggestions. We look forward to your response. Keep us in mind as you are talking to people, you never know when you might run into something that helps our search.

Again, thank you for taking the time to respond to us,

Best regards,

Patricia and Eric

Dear Patricia and Eric,

The Remington 1100 used to be the left handed gun of choice. I’m sure that you have checked that out, so they must not be in production of a left handed 20 right now.

Are you sure she needs a lefty gun? Many, many left handed shooters do just fine with right handed gas guns. They don’t seem to notice the ejected hull at all. The most excellent Beretta 391 20 gauge (my definite first choice in gas 20 gauge autos) does not come in a left handed ejecting model, but I see many right handed Beretta autos in use by left handed shooters. Obviously I don’t see any in use by left handed shooters who don’t like right hand ejecting guns. Still, the vast number of lefties I have spoken to can live with a right hand ejecting auto.

It’s certainly worth a try to borrow a right handed auto and see if your wife can shoot it. Don’t just use it for one round of skeet either. Have her use it for a couple of days so that the newness wears off. I’ll bet there is a 75% chance or better that she can live with it. After she shoots if for a month, she won’t even notice it.

The new Beretta 391 20 gauge is a great gun, far more reliable than their previous 20 gauge guns. They make the 20 gauge in a 30″ sporter too. This may be a bit much in barrel length for a petit woman, but if you ever shoot one you’ll never give it back.

If you can convince her to try a 12 gauge, Beretta is now making their A400 semi-auto in a left-handed version. The A400 seems to be liked by those who own and use them and to date we’ve not heard about any reliability issues.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
The Technoid writing for Shotgun Report, LLC
(Often in error. Never in doubt.)

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1 Response to Lefty/Righty Gas Gun Conundrum

  1. jon bastable says:

    Bruce: a hunting friend searched for a left-handed gas auto for his son and found either Benelli or Beretta, not sure which, but he did purchase one. Would assume their web sites would reveal this type of a gun.


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