Have you ever evaluated Kemen shotguns, specifically the sporting models? They seem to be increasing in popularity in the US and I handled one the other day and the balance was an improvement over the 682 I currently use. Thanks for your time I’m in no hurry.


Dear John,

As you no doubt know, the Kemen is an almost exact Spanish copy of the Perazzi. It’s made today up in Elgoibar along with most of the other Spanish guns. The Kemen has always been a good gun, though I doubt it anyone would claim it superior to the Perazzi. I’ve shot the guns and they looked, felt, handled and shot like a Perazzi. The guns have been around forever. I seem to remember Derek Partridge, an expatriate British trench shooter, pushing them in the late 70s, early 80s. They have had three or four different distributors within in the past few years.

The problem with the Kemen is price. For a while the Kemens were just about as expensive as the Perazzi. You’d have to have your head examined to buy the copy when you could get the original for not much more. Resale value of a Perazzi Mirage is one thing. Of a Kemen, it’s quite another.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
The Technoid writing for Shotgun Report, LLC
(Often in error. Never in doubt.)

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  1. des in Qld says:

    In Australia Kemen guns are at least the equal of Perazzi in performance and price, and because they have maintained their presence here, the guns have also maintained their value.
    If the lack of market presence and backup service in the US results in low resale values, then that’s a shame because they are such a good competition gun. But if that means you can pick one up used for a fraction of their retail price, then be quick and grab yourself a bargain.
    But I am biased, I own a Kemen and have had the pleasure of shooting a half dozen other Kemens (I also shoot a Beretta DT). My wife’s 30″ trap gun is the pick of the Kemens I have tried as they are all different, having been specifically ordered for each purchaser with the specs and custom stocks they wanted. They all have in common though: quality build, first class trigger pulls and outstanding handling.
    Any competent gunsmith experienced with Perazzi should also be able to service a Kemen.


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