Recoil Reducing Stocks and Longer Barrels


1. Do you have an opinion as to the best recoil reducer ?

Not considering different loads.

2. Is a longer barrel really helpfull on longer shots on a sporting clay course?



I think that the best recoil reducers, other than obviously selecting a slower and lighter shell, are the Precision Fit, G-Squared and Soft Touch stocks. All three of these keep the stock from moving against the face while the gun itself moves to the rear on recoil. It doesn’t really matter whether the method is hydraulic or spring-operated. The key is to absorb the recoil by letting the gun move backwards while avoiding face slap by keeping the comb still against the face.

As to a longer barrel being helpful on longer sporting clays shots, that all depends on the shooter. Long barrels have both a visual and a handling effect.

As to handling, all else being equal, the longer the barrels the more muzzle heavy the gun. The shorter, the more neutral.

Visually, if you shoot a premounted gun and set your stock height so that you look flat down the rib, barrel length means nothing. If you set your head up a little high so that you see the usual figure 8 beads, then longer barrels will very slightly effect visual lead. This is more noticeable at longer distance.

If you shoot low gun and establish your lead as you raise the gun, longer barrels will permit slightly shorter visual leads on longer targets.

Of course, leads are just what you get used to. There is nothing better about a longer or shorter visual lead.

Bottom line: to my way of thinking, barrel length is much more important in determining gun balance than it is in affecting the lead sight picture.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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