Curing A Light Muzzle

Dear Techness,

I recently bought a 28 ga 30″ browning ultra xs sporting. So far so good. However, I would like to add some additional barrel weight for a smoother swing when skeet shooting. Any ideas or products you recommend would be appreciated.



Dear Tom,

Nice gun! You are indeed a lucky dog. You can pick up a slight bit of extra weight by using Briley extended chokes. They won’t add much, but it will be right at the front where it does the most good. If you call Briley up, they will tell you how much weight the extended chokes will add. They will also give you an exact choke diameter if you ask for it.

Next, I would try holding your hand a bit further forward on the forend. While that does limit your swing arc a bit, it should provide a noticeable increase in apparent forend weight. It’s worth a try and doesn’t cost anything.

I have seen some clamp-on weights advertised in Shotgun Sports or similar, but I believe they were only for 12 gauge barrels and meant to equal the weight of tubes. One of the problems with any clamp-on weight is that it adds the weight all in one place. 10 ounces of weight added on one glob in the center of the barrel does NOT produce the same feel as 10 ounces of metal added all along the barrel. The balance point will be the same, but the moment of inertia will not be.

You can always add lead using lead wheel weight tape. Check your local auto supply store. Just stick on where you want to. It stays really well, but looks nasty. I once loaded a bunch of it on the barrels of an FN O/U under the forend. It didn’t do much. The weight added under the forend is only half way up the barrel and doesn’t change the feel of the gun too much unless you use a ton. You can’t get a ton in there. It helped, but not a lot.

You can also get a weight forward shift if you pull some weight from the stock by drilling out some wood. Unfortunately, if you shoot your American-style skeet gun up, you won’t notice it much. If you shoot gun down, it may help a bit. It’s probably not worth the effort on a clays gun, but is a common practice in fine balancing a good game gun.

Bottom line: I don’t think that there is really a neat answer. That’s why I sold my 30″ 28 gauge Browning. I had the same problem with a slightly too light barrel that you do. I sure wish I hadn’t sold it though. Some guns you should just learn to live with. That long 28 is one of them.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
The Technoid writing for Shotgun Report, LLC
(Often in error. Never in doubt.)

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