Choke For Pheasant


Would appreciate your insight on how effective a gun choked Cyl/Full would be for hunting wild pheasants ?

In the meantime I will keep myself busy enjoying your book Shotguns On Review.

Many thanks,


Dear Tony,

When I think about chokes, I first try to figure out the distances at which I will be shooting. With phez, a lot of that depends on the how you hunt (group stuff or one or two hunters), the birds, the terrain and also on the dogs that you use.

I go up to the Dakotas most years and hunt wild pheasants up there. We hunt in pairs with a guide and good flushing dogs. The dogs stay pretty close, but we aren’t stumbling over them. I generally choke IC/Mod. That works well with the 1-1/4oz, 3-1/4 dram #5s that I like in 12 gauge. The flush is most often around 20~25 yards and IC with that shell is perfect for that. Modified give me about another 10 yards for the second shot. After that it’s getting on 40 yards and things become iffy no matter what choke I’m using. You may have more skill than I on those long shots.

As to my book, thanks so much for buying it. But don’t believe everything you read. Consider the source.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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